Brookhaven Animal Rescue Alliance Ltd.

Description of Feral, Free Roaming and Community cats

Trap and Release, Spay and Neuter Program

Main missions of Brookhaven Animal Rescue Alliance Ltd. is to reduce the cat and kitten population and prevent animal abuse and abandonment. We also educate the public on the benefits domesticating cats and kittens as part of reducing the cat and kitten population.

Program Priorities;

Priority One: The Spay and Neutering of Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats, are in the Towns of Patchogue, Mastic, Center Moriches and Shirley. The zip codes represent the largest area of feral, free roaming and community cats. The overpopulation of cats is because of the larger number of rentals in the area and that when person or family leave they leave cat(s) behind and most of them are not altering. These areas have been the most active areas for spaying and neutering, based on our data base records for the last five years. The spay and neutering percentage of each classification of cat are as follows: 75 percent will be feral cat, 15 percent will be free roaming cats and the balance of 10 percent will be community cats. All cats are considered by community to be feral in nature

Priority Two: Rescued kittens from colonies or abandoned by mother are put up for adoption after being socialized, Spay or Neutered, FIV/FELV tested including in house medical for worms, and each kitten receives Revolution, a flea treatment (wide flea, worm, mites and other parasite's treatment) and 4 in 1 vaccine before adoption.

Brookhaven Animal Rescue is not only a rescue, but also includes in house medical care and treatment for all in house cats and kittens until they are adopted and we provide medical for one week after adoption if needed and in some case after the one week. Brookhaven Animal Rescue has a considerable amount of medical medicines, vaccines and medical supplies on hand to treat basic medical problems in house and six vets available to Brookhaven Animal Rescue to treat all cats and kittens in a vet hospital.

Spay and Neuter Program Description:

The Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats Program is a veterinary, no appointment-required program that has been set up between five veterinarians located in Centereach, Ridge, Sayville, Farmingdale, East Islip and one veterinarian surgeon in Patchogue for the last four years.

The Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats Program is the only one of it's kind in Suffolk County that has availablity to a rescue of six Vets that will accept a fax Monday morning for domesticated cats to be brought in for spay or neuter in a qty of one to five or accept a domesticated cat(s) the same day in an emergency for medical treatment on Monday.

The Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats Program is set up so a person or persons in an area feeding a cat (domestic or free roaming) can call five nights a week from Sunday to Thursday to obtain an authorization for spay or neuter and a rabies vaccine from Brookhaven Animal Rescue and bring the domestic or free roaming cat(s) to a vet the next day from Monday to Friday without an appointment and the vet will take in the cat(s) for surgery.

The Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats Program has built in emergency sub programs that allow

Brookhaven Animal Rescue to provide medical treatment and care for cats from both colonies and private community and for adopted kittens at the rescue low rate cost. Brookhaven Animal Rescue pays either part or all depending the person situation financially.

The Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats Program also provides euthanasia for cats hit by cars or just having an incurable life ending condition, this provides a humane way for life ending peacefully and is offered to all who care for cats and other pets. Brookhaven Animal Rescue pays either part or all depending the person situation financially.

The Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats Program has a broad base covering the Township of Brookhaven as a main target area of operation extending outward to surrounding towns like, Holbrook, Ronkonkoma, Holtsville, and to the western towns.

List of other service provided by Brookhaven Animal Rescue:

1) Trap and Release Program for Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cats: A program setup to assist colony caretakers with financial aid for spay and neuter of colony cats and kittens. The program also includes a Rabies Vaccine with a left ear notched. Grants are used to fund the Feral, Free Roaming and Community Cat Program for the last six years and will continue each year thereafter. The program to date has spayed or neuter approx. or over 1500 cats and kittens. Equal to controlling and reducing a population growth of 96,000 not to be born in one year time.

Brookhaven Animal Rescue also lends traps to those who need them and educate on how to use and trap feral cats.

2) Kitten and Cat Adoption Events: Removal of all cat and kittens that can be socialized for adoption through a PETCO Store. All cat and kittens are to be spayed or neutered, FIV/FELV tested before adoption, wormed, Receive revolution from Pfzer to treat multiple parasites, and a 4 in 1 Vaccine. All kittens can be returned to Brookhaven Animal Rescue if found to be sick within one week after adoption for medical treatment. At the present time each adoption donation of $80.00, helps to pay for food and operating expenses. Donations received from persons donating money to the rescue help cover cost to feed and house all in house cats and kittens when in house waiting to be adopted. Adoption events are held every Saturday from September till June and every Saturday and Sunday July to August each year at a PETCO Store.

When a kitten is adopted from Brookhaven Animal Rescue, we educate the adopting person on the merits of domesticating the kitten. We explain that when a kitten is brought up living indoors there is a great chance that the kitten will grow to live a long safe life and somewhat remain kitten-like and more over attach itself to a human.

Brookhaven Animal Rescue participates in weekly adoption events at PETCO. All socialized cats and kittens are offered for adoption. We advertise locally and on the internet and have adopters coming from Nassau and Suffolk County to the PETCO store in Selden, to adopt a cat or kitten. We distribute the PETCO coupon books to all who adopt and many outfit the new kitten at that time of adoption. Our adopters have come from as far away as New Jersey and from West Hampton to adopt a kitten from Brookhaven Animal Rescue at a PETCO Store in Selden.

3) Food for Colonies and Domestic Cats: Food supplied to cat colony caretakers to supplement them with tow to four bags of dry cat food per month to feed the cat colony they are caring for. The dry cat food is supplied on availability basis every month to the colony cat caretaker. Food for colonies comes under operating expense and when people donate dry cat food to Brookhaven Animal Rescue to feed colony cats, free roaming or domestic cats owner by seniors.

The food pantry is separate from colony cats is that it purpose is to help seniors and unemployed to feed their Free roaming and domestic cats

4) Medical Care and Treatment: Brookhaven Animal Rescue will cover all or fifty percent of all medical procedures for sick or injured cats or kittens. Adopted kittens can be returned to Brookhaven Animal Rescue within the first week of adoption to be check to see if the kitten needs to go to a veterinarian or has a minor in rescue treatable problem. Medical care is also provided to all colony cats that get injured in a colony. Medical cost depending on the injury could cost between $50.00 to $200.00 per cat. All colony cats are sent to a veterinary hospital to be treated.

5) Dental Care and Treatment: This in the past has been provided to colony cats that have been found to be losing weight and having problem eating. The caretaker traps the cat or kitten that shows signs of a dental problem and is brought to a veterinarian for examination and to determine the cause and course of treatment for the cat or kitten. If test are required they done by the same vet treating the cat or kitten. The cost is fairly reasonable to better the life of a colony cat. Dental cost to Brookhaven runs between $150.00 to $250.00 per cat.

6) Care and Treatment of In House Cats and Kittens: All in house cats and kittens receive the best of care and treatment available in house and if not available will be brought to a veterinarian for care and treatment. Brookhaven Animal Rescue purchases all medication to treat the in house and adoptable kittens so as to provide in house care and treatment. We also purchase some in house medication directly from Pfzer (Zeotis) to treat in house cats and kittens. All expense for in house cats comes from the operating funds.

7) Brookhaven Animal Rescue provides financial assistance to the seniors and the unemployed: for medical cost and euthanasia cost when necessary. All recommendations are made by a veterinarian that has examined the cat or kitten. Brookhaven Animal Rescue will then either pay half or all of the cost of the medical or euthanasia.

8) Brookhaven Animal Rescue has a Vet Tech, who is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitate with 36 years of experience. Who is called upon to bottle feed when we find newly born to 4 weeks old kittens with no mother.

She houses, cares and socializes these babies until they are ready to come to the rescue for adoption. Brookhaven Animal Rescue provides for the cost of formula and 4 - 1 vaccine for these babies. Joseph Lipari of Brookhaven Animal Rescue has a diploma for taking a course from PennForster in Penn for a Veterinary Assistant..

9) Brookhaven Animal Rescue is housing two cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia - one that was going to be euthanasia due to the owner becomes homeless. We will keep cat until owner is stable again.

Some in house cats are not good candidates for adoption for various health reasons and will be sheltered at this rescue for the duration of their lives. All adult cats are free roaming and cohabit with our large dogs also rescued. All kittens live together in one large room measuring 8 feet by 10 feet and are not caged to socialize among themselves.

10) Brookhaven Animal Rescue helps other Suffolk County Rescues who may not have funds to spay or neuter Feral, Free Roaming and Community cats by having our vets do the spay and neuter at the same low cost that the Vet would bill Brookhaven Animal Rescue.

Donations come from:

1) Money donated from Brookhaven Animal Rescue Corporate Officers

2) Public who has already adopted from Brookhaven Animal Rescue.

3) Public whom we receive kittens from for adoption.

4) Public who donates money at the adoption event.

5) Public whom Brookhaven Animal Rescue has assisted in some way.

6) Donation place through Brookhaven's web site.

7) Apply for grants

Present Expansion:

1) Clinic for domesticated and feral cats and kittens. Presently do limited medical in house. One board member has a Veterinarian Assistance Diploma from Penn Foster Career School in PA. The information learned is invaluable to the care and treatment to the in house cats and kittens waiting for adoption to a new home.

Future Expansion:

1) Food Pantry to supply cat food to the seniors in the community. Presently supply dry cat food to colony caretakers on a available bases. There is a need to expand to a food pantry. to extend to the community of seniors.

2) Clinic location and adoption center

3) Mobile Vet Clinic and adoption vehicle.

4) Veterinarian on staff.