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1. Behind the Scenes—A Closer Look at the Puppy Mill Industry

Behind the Scenes—A Closer Look at the Puppy Mill Industry The stench of garbage,
urine and feces is unbearable. Ammonia hangs heavy in the air, and flies are everywhere.
Dim lighting and the constant barking of dogs in distress create a sense of chaos.
Row upon row of stacked cages hold dogs matted with feces—some too sick to move.
This is the world in which a puppy mill dog lives.

While many people may be familiar with the term "puppy mill," few are aware of the
horrors associated with one. The ASPCA has been investigating puppy mills for years,
helping to expose the realities of this deplorable industry, and thanks to our experts
and detailed reports from our undercover puppy mill investigator, the new ASPCA Puppy
Mill FAQ offers a greater insight into the notorious puppy trade.

“We hope the findings from our investigations will help educate the public about the
horrors of puppy mills and will result in an ultimate solution to this very serious
problem—the end of selling puppies in pet stores and the closing of puppy mills,”
says Bob Baker, Investigator, ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Initiatives.

What’s it really like inside the walls of a puppy mill? What happens to sick animals
or those no longer able to breed? How much money does a puppy mill actually make per
puppy? Are puppy mills similar to factory farms? Find out the answers to these and
other questions in our new Puppy Mill FAQ.