Stop cruelty to tesr animals by Proctor & Gamble

Hello Everyone...

I think it's important that all pet owners to be more cautious in what type of
food they buy for their pets. I encourage all owners to buy from cruelty-free
pet food companies. Why? Cruelty-free means it hasn't been tested on animals
and most of their ingredients are pure, natural, holistic, and chemical-free.
For example, their ingredients would be chicken,vegetables and rice and ascorbic
acid as a natural preservative. Which means no chemicals and pure. Why companies
have cruel animal testing? New chemicals need to be tested for food. They cruelly
animal test new chemicals on the animals to see if they have any reaction as a
result they suffer and die. Chemicals are cheaper to produce and they are a filler
along with crap they put in the food. Usually they are low-grade food, not even
close to human grade. How can you feed your loving pet this kind of food. There
are food companies out there that only sell, human grade holistic food and of course
cruelty-free. Halo and natural balance are cruelty-free. I think it is important
to be a smart consumer. If you are going to spend your money anyway, you should
be aware of what you buy.

THIS IS THE TRUTH !!!!! IAMS owned by Proctor and Gamble (the king of animal testing)
is conducting laboratory tests on animals for years!!! None of these tests is
necessary or required by law, and humane alternatives do exist. These animals
are caged, abused, and left to die. IAMS is a dog food supplier yet they animal
test and abuse them????? When you write to them, they will tell you that the dogs
are in good facilities. They cover all their dirty little secrets with their billion
dollar profit on CRAP!!! Not only they kill dogs and cat during their nutritional
test, so many dogs died and got sick from their food. We need to ban IAMS!!!!!
Please view this clip below. You will be shocked!

Please spread the word and go cruelty-free. If you google on IAMS and Proctor and
Gamble you will find alot of information. You will be shocked!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE
be a smart consumer. Don't be a slave of greedy corporate america!!!!! There are
companies actually out there that care and have good humane practice. Thank you
for readinG!

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None to be beaten, none to be kicked
~ All must be loved and all must be fixed! ~
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Kathleen DiColandrea
Independent Representative